30 May 2010

Afternoon Delight

Today was one of those lazy afternoons with nothing to do but make delicious cocktails with whatever was sitting on the drinks shelf! Husband had a vodka/rum/strawberry concoction while I stuck to a trusty champagne cocktail. We seem to have bought too many strawberries this week so they were a refreshing addition that made our drinks light and fruity (obviously this counts towards our five-a-day, right?)

Vodka Cocktail:
-1 shot Vodka
-1 shot coconut rum
-peach, mango & passionfruit juice
-splash of Grenadine
-muddled strawberries & crushed ice

Champagne Cocktail:
-champagne or prosecco
-1 shot coconut rum
-peach, mango & passionfruit juice
-muddled strawberries


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